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THE JOB CENTRE is to upscale Job employment opportunities for Edo residents through direct employment and capacity development for career advancement, and to continually support job seekers through counselling to improve on their interview and CV writing skills, create a platform for accessing job opportunities while connecting these jobseekers to employers within and outside Edo State.

The Job Centre team comprises of three following;

Training Unit
Outreach Unit
Placement Unit

The Training unit is responsible for conducting employability skills training, CV reviews, career counselling. Overtime, in the course of engaging with employers, there have always been complains about skills gap relating majorly to soft skills. This is evident because these skills are not taught in tertiary institutions, in a bid to help job seekers meet up with the increasing demands of employers.

The Outreach unit is responsible for carrying out research into organizations currently in Edo State and those looking to expand business relationship to Edo State, they prepare and send recruitment proposals to organizations, and act as client relationship officer to employers.

The Placement unit is responsible for shortlisting, inviting candidates, organize and oversee first level interview in order to provide suitable candidates for prospective employers. They also offer career guidance to job seekers.

Internship and Apprentiship

In line with the Governor's mandate to create jobs for Edo resident, Edo State Skills Development have organized programs geared at improving skills and experience of young graduates, promote vocational trades as well as supporting small business owners to thrive.

The Edojobs internship and apprenticeship programme is an initiative of Edo State Skills Development Agency specifically designed to equip Job seekers and artisans to help further their career by providing valuable work and enterprise experiences to graduates of both tertiary and vocational trades institutions.

With the current gap being experienced in the employability space, we believe that the internship and apprenticeship scheme will help build the confidence of the interns.

The first batch of the programme was launched in November of 2018 at the Alaghodaro youth summit. To ensure transparency in the selection process, a fair is organized to give employers an opportunity to interview prospective candidates of their choice based on the current needs of the organization.

Job Fair

The Edo State Skills Development Agency (ESSDA) also called Edojobs is an initiative of the Edo State Government under the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki. The initiative is aimed at tackling the high rate of unemployment in Edo State through skill acquisition and capacity development programs, job matching services etc. in collaboration with various private and public organizations within and outside of Edo State.

Committed to ensuring that the state is driven by productivity on the back of its teeming educated young population, and as a continuous effort towards bringing employment opportunities closer to the people, Edojobs partners with different organization to organize Job/Career Fair. The program which is specifically designed to connect jobseekers and employers attract a minimum of 1000 train and competent job seekers.

The event attracts industries experts speaking about the new technology of work and how it enhances productivity and business growth.

Job Centres in Edo South, Edo North and Edo Central Employability Skills Training in Edo South which is billed for 22nd and 23rd of July, 2021 Internship and Apprenticeship Program for 1000 candidates for a period of 3-6months.

Edo State Skills Development Agency (ESSDA)

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About Us

The Edo State Skills Development agency was established by the Edo State Government to ameliorate the rate of youth unemployment through skills development and job creation, which will in turn improve the lives of the residents of Edo State. Having commenced in March 2017 as a program under the office of the Governor, it was initially known and referred to as Skill Development Program now Edojobs. It kick started its activities with a state wide registration of over 100,000 unemployed persons. With the initial target to create 200,000 jobs, which it has since surpassed, the agency has impacted positively in the skills level and economic wellbeing of residents as well as the State.

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